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Choosing the Right Commercial Chicken Feed

Feeding chickens especially with commercial feed can be confusing given the variety of feeds available in the market and requirements that one needs to know such as nutritional needs for chicken, an ingredient present in the feed, mix ratio, age of the chicken among other things including confusing chicken feed jargons, this can give beginners hard time in selecting the right chicken feed and therefore necessary knowledge is important. Having an understanding in the context of commercial chicken feed will come in handy when selecting the right commercial feed for your chicken, this is because the commercial feed is normally formulated in balanced nutrition that is based on chicken’s purpose, additionally various chicken feed manufactures can use similar ingredients but varies in the mix ratio of ingredient present in a particular chicken feed, therefore knowing the purpose of your chicken will help you identify the right chicken feed brand for your flock, also imperative is to confirm the safety and health of food you are feeding your chicken because what you give them you will eat it, therefore, pay attention to the nutrition safety of the feed you are giving your flock. To help you choose the right chicken feed without much hassle we have prepared some pointers you need to consider when choosing chicken feed for your birds.

You must determine the purpose your chickens are serving, for example, are they for laying eggs, meat that is broilers or for ornamental reasons, this is vital because the nutritional requirements vary according to the purpose of the chickens serve, for example, layers will need feed that is rich in calcium to ensure the shell is hard enough, sufficient vitamin D to make sure the hen has enough lime a lot of protein to sustain egg development.

The other important consideration is the age of your chicken, just like human beings nutritional requirements for chicken also varies with their age, it is important to adjust the number of proteins, vitamins, and fats in your chicken feed according to the age of the flock, for example, there is a need for extra protein to the feed for chicks and growing chickens because proteins are vital for the growth muscles, therefore, proteins support the growth of chicks which is important to ensure faster development of their bodies, however, grown laying chicken will need more calcium than proteins but when compared with aesthetic chicken the feed for layers requires more proteins than those for ornamental birds, furthermore if you overfeed your layers with proteins they become fat and affect their health and also affect their egg production.

After identifying the purpose and age of your chicken the next step is to choose the right commercial feed, it is recommended that chicks and ornamental chicken to be fed with meal or crumb, the meal should comprise of milled grains and seeds both are enriched with vitamins, the reason for these type of feed to these birds is to keep them occupied because meal takes a considerable amount of time to be digested, you should then switch to pressed grains and seeds that are in form of pellet with enriched minerals and vitamin as the chick grows. Those are some considerations you need to make when looking for commercial feed for your chicken.

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